Just Waves

Photo of surf crashing on agate beach at sunset.

There is so much natural beauty on the face of this earth, but the ocean has a special hold on me. Living at the foot of real mountains has given me the opportunity to see breathtaking vistas whenever I bother. However, green valleys, sheer cliffs and ice-capped peaks always keep you moving—because they never move.  To see the next view, you have to hike to it.

The ocean is a different beast. That enchanting place where land meets sea and sea meets sky can bring you a new view every second. It never stops moving. The juxtaposition of shimmering details, unseeable vastness and dynamic volume keeps me staring for hours.

I have several shots here from the same day at the same beach, when I just couldn’t stop looking.

These are all as shot—no touchups, no color enhancement—just the raw beauty of the waves.

Photo of waves, beach and horizon, with overcast sky at Agate Beach, Oregon.Massive crash of waves on sloped face of Agate Beach

Frothing surf breaking at Agate Beach

Photo of warm sunset on glistening waves at Agate Beach Oregon.

Clouds and Waves

I was walking home yesterday and saw some gorgeous cumulus clouds. They were the real huge and crisp, yet fluffy kind that you usually only see in cowboy paintings. I am a sucker for good cloud reference so I whipped out my camera and snapped a shot—rewarded only with a blinky message indicating that there was no card in my camera. I had left it in my computer, that was disappointing.

Anyway, the experience got me looking through some of my photos and I found a few I thought might be worth sharing.

The first image is a sky that caught my fancy the night before my sister-in-law’s wedding. The second is from Agate Beach and will serve as a preview of more photos I uncovered and will be posting next time.

Photo of high clouds at sunset, sky is gentle gradient of color

Photo of surf crashing at sunset on Agate beach Oregon