Blood Moon Eclipse

I know the Blood Moon is old news, but I finally got around to exporting one of the little time-lapse animations that I shot. It was kind of last minute, but I went up the canyon with a couple friends to try to capture the eclipse. This was the first time I had ever done time lapse and not having time to order a device to control shot intervals, I had to link my camera to my wife’s laptop and control it with the Canon EOS Utility. It actually worked well and provided an onscreen preview of each shot.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse April 2014

The moon moves faster than you’d think. To be zoomed close enough to get any detail, it meant the moon was moving out of the frame pretty frequently. So I have here, just a segment of the eclipse, when the last sliver of direct light is disappearing. I also have a still that I took while metering for one of the time-lapse segments.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse April 2014

It all made me wish I had a telescope.