Glastonbury Abbey

Flowering vines growing from the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, UK. By Jameson Gardner Art

When we explained to our hostess at the countryside bed and breakfast that our next stop was Glastonbury, she told us that it was a very interesting town, “very spiritual.” I wasn’t sure precisely what she meant, but I had a vague notion that as the site of the ruins of an ancient abbey, it was likely a peaceful place where pious people could go to commune with the divine. It turns out that wasn’t really her meaning.

After we found a car park and I got change for the ticket machine from an auto parts store, we headed for High Street and the abbey. It quickly became apparent what our hostess meant by “spiritual.” High street was loaded with shops selling crystals, incense and energy spray (I’m not entirely certain what that is…). I’m not going to disparage anyone’s path to spirituality—I just wasn’t expecting the residents of a town that claims to be Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur, to make me feel like I was in Santa Fe.

The Abbey was completely different. The large expanse of grass and ruins, filled with myth and history, was quiet and peaceful in comparison. Though people speculate that monks may have invented the graves of Arthur and Guinevere to draw pilgrims in a time of financial need, it feels nice to wonder if maybe it wasn’t true, and maybe that patch of white flowers is growing there for a reason.

Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, UK. By Jameson Gardner Art


Whether you believe that King Arthur was buried here, or that the Glastonbury Thorn was really grown from a clipping of the tree that sprouted when Joseph of Arimethea drove his staff into Wearyall Hill, there is something about a place like this that makes you feel connected to those who have gone before. We didn’t have a problem wandering here for a few hours.

Marker at site of supposed tomb of King Arthur, Glastonbury, UK. By Jameson Gardner


White flowers in Graveyard by Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey, Sommerset, UK. By Jameson Gardner

The Countryside

I have a couple dimensional projects underway, but I don’t like to post those ’til I have a final image (I do have work in progress on Instagram). So, I’m sharing a few more photos from England. On our way from Lyme Regis to Bath, we stayed at the Burrow Hill Bed and Breakfast in the countryside. We arrived late and went straight to bed, but in the morning we realized what a beautiful area we were in.

View of English countryside in Somerset


Our hostess suggested we climb a hill across the lane. At the top, we were greeted by a 360 view of English countryside.

Teddy bear in the window of bed and breakfast in Somerset, England

This bear was part of the cute decor in our room.

Tree atop green hill beyond gate in English Countryside, Somerset.

The hill with the view had a single tree planted picturesquely atop it.