Tilt Shift Fakery

Chances are, its fake.

I’ve noticed the use of tilt shift photography has been kind of trendy for awhile. I can’t tell if the trend is still growing or if it’s on the way out. Either way, I wonder every time I see a tilt shift image. I can’t image that thousands of amateur photographers could really be blowing that much cash on what they seem to perceive as a toy that makes lots of the picture blurry. I assume, then, that many of the images I’m seeing have the effect applied in post production. To test the theory I decided to use Photoshops tilt shift feature and see what kind of results I could get in a couple minutes. After all, if I can do it really fast, some mom on Pinterest can probably do it too.

Image from Bonneville Salt Flats, uses post-production tilt shift effect.

This is one of my photos from the Salt Flats. Could it fool a Pinterest mom? You decide.

Salt Flats II, Critters, Planes

I’ll keep this quick since this is on the exact same subject as my last post. I just have a couple more photos to share. The first is from the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy Utah. It isn’t the most awesome aquarium in the world, but it was pretty cool considering it is in a not-so-big city 600 miles from the ocean. This is the fish that Bethany called a grandpa-fish. I think it is actually a lion-fish, but grandpa seems to fit.

Lion fish in tank at Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy Utah

I also have a photo of Bethany pondering in awe this A-10 “Thunderbolt II” which just so happens to be one of my favorite aircraft. If you look there in front of her you’ll see something interesting. Yes, if you guessed Avenger Cannon, you are exactly right.  If you guessed Ultra-Death-Gun you are pretty much right too. That thing is capable of firing 3,900 rounds per minute, that is about 4 times faster than an M-16 and it is firing projectiles that weigh 90 times that of the bullet from an M-16. It is meant for destroying tanks and other things protected by thick steel plates.

This is an A-10 at the Hill Aerospace Museum. There is an Avenger Cannon on display beside it.

And finally, just another shot from the Bonneville Salt Flats about 10 miles east of Wendover. This is one of the few where Bethany managed to open her eyes without sunglasses.

Photo at Bonneville salt flats east of Wendover.  Complete with rain boots and sheepskin.

Photos at the Salt Flats

Photo from shoot at bonneville salt flats, female with sheepskin lined jacket and scarf

My wife and I went on a mini-vacation this week. We visited the Hogle Zoo, the Living Planet Aquarium, the Hill Aerospace Museum, Antelope Island, and also the Bonneville Salt Flats. I took photos everywhere we went, but most of them were just to document our little adventure. We thought that while we were at the salt flats we had better try to get a few good ones.  That turned out to be harder than it sounds. We arrived a little bit behind schedule and were losing light fast. We only had time for a few shots before we were drowning in high ISO noise, or swimming in slow shutter blur. I got a couple pretty ones of the sunset, though.

Returning the next day proved to be an adventure in itself as the first legal place to make a u-turn was 30 miles from our destination and the flats are only on the westbound side of the highway. By the time we made it, it was around Noon and the landscape was blinding (in case you weren’t aware the salt flats are literally miles of flat salt that kind of looks like snow).

Here are a few of the shots.

Photo from shoot at Bonneville Salt Flats, male with aviator glasses, leather jacket and scarf

 Shot of sunset at Bonneville Salt Flats in July