Dragon and Falconer Illustration

Illustration of a hunter, come face to face with a dragon in the forest. He has a hawk too.

Here is another illustration executed in a traditional/digital combo method. I paint the basics a little roughly, and then scan and finish with digital paint. I like for any of my digital images to have a more physical feel and I have a hard time getting that without at least a foundation of real paint.

As you can see, this fellow and his hawk have just come across a dragon in the forest. People keep telling me it is a dinosaur and I can’t figure out if that is because I painted something that looks like a dinosaur, or if popular culture has taught people that it is reasonable for a man with a sword to meet a dragon, but men with rifles are only likely to meet dinosaurs.

This started as oil on panel and then went to pixels on imac.

What is she looking for?


Here is another illustration I finished outside of my BFA project. It’s a post-apocalyptic sort of story, directed to the sci-fi/fantasy audience. It is oil on panel.  I worked a bit larger on this than some of my other recent pieces.  I am glad I did, because I feel like the face and hands were just barely large enough to paint without major issues.

I was about to tell you sort of what the story is, but hopefully it conveys a little of that without words.

I don’t really have the money to hire models right now, so luckily I have nice friends and family who will pose for photos now and then. I convinced my sister to help me with the gesture on this one: