Snow In My Boots

It snowed again yesterday. So naturally, I couldn’t stay inside. I took a little hike in the foothills—elevation wise it didn’t compare to last time. But I still got plenty of snow in my boots and took plenty of photos. The only subjects up there are mostly snow, trees and rocks so instead of bore you with every imaginable composition of snow and trees, I will only include a couple shots.

Droplets from January snowfall cling to the branches of a bare tree.

I found this little tree on the way back and thought it deserved to be photographed. 

Last Oak leaf hangs on through january

I wasn’t able to get a photo of the most interesting thing I ran across—a pheasant. I heard him squawk on my way up, so I knew he was there somewhere, but forgot about it until I came across his tracks in the snow. I followed them to a cluster of scrub-oak and suspected he might be inside. But not realizing he might two feet in front of me, I didn’t have my camera ready. I bent over to look inside and that was too much for him. He exploded into the air right in front of my face and nearly knocked me over. 

I actually flushed him a second time on my way back. This time my camera was ready, but in the failing light all I got were grey smudges.