Frigate Miniature Progress


One of my first posts on this blog was a concept painting I did for the shot I am working on now.

Ship trapped in arctic pack ice. Painting, oil on panel

 The character in this story has been trekking across the ice after his own vessel broke up and sank below the pack. He is out of supplies, exhausted and on the verge of hypothermia when he sights this ship locked in the ice. With things always shifting on the ice it is miraculous that the ship is even there, much less in a state to offer shelter or supplies. The figurehead is an angel, kind of symbolic.

I carved the hull out of styrofoam and then glued the planks in place. Like every other part of the project this frigate is coming together too slowly—but it is definitely coming, as evidenced by these photos of my progress.


styrofoam hull with planks in place, model frigate