Chasing Ice


The story I am illustrating for my BFA project takes place in the arctic. I was researching arctic icebergs, flows, and glaciers and came across a documentary called “Chasing Ice”. In short, it is about photographer James Balog’s project to document receding glaciers. It show’s indisputable proof of our changing climate and raises concerns about the dire consequences of such a change.  In addition to that, it is also an engaging story of how the project came about and was executed.


The film is full of beautiful photography and time lapse. I recommend watching it if only for the stunning visuals. However, I was also touched by what may be the last fleeting glimpse of an incredible part of our earth’s history.

The images in this post are from the film.  I hope Mr. Balog and the producers of “Chasing Ice” won’t mind my showing them here.  The film is available for streaming on Netflix and you can watch a trailer or find out more at

I also loved the soundtrack, thanks J. Ralph.