The Countryside

I have a couple dimensional projects underway, but I don’t like to post those ’til I have a final image (I do have work in progress on Instagram). So, I’m sharing a few more photos from England. On our way from Lyme Regis to Bath, we stayed at the Burrow Hill Bed and Breakfast in the countryside. We arrived late and went straight to bed, but in the morning we realized what a beautiful area we were in.

View of English countryside in Somerset


Our hostess suggested we climb a hill across the lane. At the top, we were greeted by a 360 view of English countryside.

Teddy bear in the window of bed and breakfast in Somerset, England

This bear was part of the cute decor in our room.

Tree atop green hill beyond gate in English Countryside, Somerset.

The hill with the view had a single tree planted picturesquely atop it.

The Marsh Path

I think these few photos really convey the mood of the little path at marsh’ edge on the day they were taken. It was the sort of place where it seems that man and nature have been together for long enough that they can respect one another. There is also a bit of delightful country gloom. This is near Keyhaven on the southern coast of England.


Country gate on lane near marsh, Keyhaven, UK. By Jameson Gardner


Flowers by path at nature reserve Keyhaven, UK


House and grounds at marsh edge Keyhaven, UK. by Jameson Gardner Art


Country path--Keyhaven, UK. By Jameson Gardner Art