Illustrations on Display

All my dimensional illustrations for the arctic adventure are finally finished. I am pleased with them. A series of prints as well as some of the original models are on display right now in Gallery 303 in the Harris Fine Arts Center on BYU Campus. I’m holding a joint reception on November 9th from 5 to 7 pm with Rebecca Lynn who is exhibiting her relief prints.

So happy to be finished, and excited for what is to come.

Below is one of the finished images. This is when our hero finally struggles ashore after five months surviving on the ice.

Dimensional illustration using miniature models, depicts survivor of ship wreck coming ashore after five months surviving on arctic Ice.

Two Magazine Cover and Photos

Recipe spread from TWO Magazine, photos by James Gardner

I just got a couple copies of TWO magazine from BYU campus. It just came off the press, and I am kind of excited. Not only did I do a lot of design for the magazine, but it also includes some decent photos by yours truly.  We did photo shoots for the recipe spreads and for the cover, both of which turned out nice. I don’t have the original files here, so I just took a few photos of my favorite pages.

Cover of BYU's TWO Magazine on dating and romance, photo by James Gardner

Recipe spread from TWO Magazine, photos by James GardnerMaybe I will add more photos  and details later.