Saint Paul’s

Here are a few more photos from London. Again, Saint Paul’s Cathedral was too big for my 50 mm lens. So, I just had to try to make interesting crops. I wish photos were allowed inside, there is definitely a different aspect of grandness when it surrounds and extends above you than when it sits before you. In fact, Christopher Wren designed the building to be optimally grand when viewed from both inside and out. There is a painted inner dome that you see when you look up from inside. Above that is a structural cone that supports the outer dome, which was designed to be taller and more visible from the outside than the inner dome would have.

Saint Paul's Cathedral London Detail

View of London from atop dome at Saint Paul's Cathedral, London

This is a view of the city from the top of the dome. It’s a lot of steps, but definitely worth it. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is built at the highest point in London and the 360 degree view from the top is spectacular.

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London detail

Above, one of the exterior shots where I was forced to find a composition within the limited angle of my frame. Below, I stitched together three shots taken from an alleyway as we approached the cathedral.

Saint Pauls Cathedral view through alley, London


3 comments on “Saint Paul’s

  1. That last shot is amazing!

  2. […] Square is another of my stitching projects. So far I have been pretty happy with the results. Like Saint Paul’s and Big Ben, this one merged pretty well. The only one that hasn’t, so far, was my attempt […]

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