The Way Things Are

These days it’s easy to get caught up in all the digital tricks and edits of photography. I am obviously not some kind of  film purist, but I do try to remember that I take pictures because something about what I am seeing in real life engages me. I have a couple shots here of pretty pedestrian subjects. One is from the port in Dover and the other from Kensington Gardens in London. Those were places we went to see sights, but definitely not the objects we came to see. I noticed things I thought were beautiful and took advantage of what I could get in the frame—the kind where I am less worried about representing what it is, just what it looks like.

Water spilling from a pier in the Port of Dover, England

This one is water spilling from holes in a mussel encrusted concrete pier. I had to warm it up a little in Photoshop because even white-balanced for cloudy, my camera recorded the evening light much cooler than it really was. That’s Photoshop so that you could see what engaged me, not so I could trick you into thinking I saw something else.


Clouds above Kensington Gardens in London

This one is clouds. I am a sucker for clouds. I’ll be honest though. For a split second I thought about messing with the levels to increase the contrast, or pumping up the saturation just a little. Then I realized that would subvert my purpose. I took a picture of these clouds because I liked them the way they were. I spent time making sure my camera was set to capture them the way I saw them with my eyes—now I am home thinking about throwing that all away because people are used to seeing photos doctored to be more striking and more colorful. Well don’t worry, I came to my senses. Here are my Kensington-clouds as-shot and unaltered. I hope maybe you can see a little of what I loved about them.

2 comments on “The Way Things Are

  1. iosatel says:

    Perfectly focused and composed! (V1)

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