Back from England and Wales

We just got home last night from our trip to England and Wales. I have a-gillion photos to go through, but here is one from London.

Tower of Big Ben in London ©Jameson Gardner Art


I wanted to save space and weight in my bags so I only packed a 50mm lens and a 75-300 zoom. That meant that the 50 was my widest angle. I quickly learned that I often just plain wouldn’t have the space to get an entire site or building in the shot. That meant that I had to try to compose something nice in what frame I had, or as with this one of the tower of Big Ben, take multiple photos so I could stitch them together at home.

3 comments on “Back from England and Wales

  1. Can’t find the stitch. I really tried 😉 great job! Welcome home! I can’t wait to see and hear more about the trip

  2. […] stitching projects. So far I have been pretty happy with the results. Like Saint Paul’s and Big Ben, this one merged pretty well. The only one that hasn’t, so far, was my attempt to get a 360 […]

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