The Mountain Mouse

I read a great post on MuddyColors by Lauren Panepinto. Muddy Colors is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Art blog with contributors among the most renowned in that genre. Lauren’s post described some of the pros and cons for illustrators and other artsy folk living in the city vs the country. She mostly focused on possibilities for networking (which is very important). I think Lauren’s posts are always insightful, but she did mention that she was born in New York City and spent a lot of her life there. I think that may be the reason she didn’t list nature as one of the pros of living outside the city.

I think for many people it isn’t so easy to decide if you are a town mouse or a country mouse.  I spent  and enjoyed some time living in Kiev, but as someone who’s grown up in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, I would certainly not trade the inspiration of nature to live closer to more Art Directors.

For example, I woke up yesterday to falling snow and thought I’d go take some photos. I wound up halfway up a mountain waiting for the fog to clear so I could take a picture of a bush, and wondering if there was a less break-necky way down than the way I came up.

To each their own, but I think I’d rather break my neck in a canyon than in a taxi.

Mountain in falling snow, fog and cliffs

A couple of the shots from yesterday’s adventure.

Bush on ledge in falling snow

One comment on “The Mountain Mouse

  1. […] stay inside. I took a little hike in the foothills—elevation wise it didn’t compare to last time. But I still got plenty of snow in my boots and took plenty of photos. The only subjects up there […]

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