Tremsin and the Firebird

I recently finished an illustration from the story of Tremsin and the Firebird. The story is a Ukrainian folk-tale and features some pretty wild adventures. I’ve left the scenes of naked Tremsin being pecked at by the Firebird and the evil nobleman being boiled to be illustrated some other time. This one features the moment Tremsin’s misfortunes begin—when he decides, against the advice of his loyal steed, to retrieve the magic feather they’ve discovered in the forest.

Illustration from Ukrainian folktale of tremsin and the firebird.

As usual, I started with a thumbnail and then moved on to a larger sketch and then the full-scale drawing. I took my own reference using myself as the model since I couldn’t find anyone else late at night and I already knew the shirt would fit.


I inked the drawing and then painted several layers of water color. I finished the image by digitally overlaying and subtracting several handmade textures.



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