Tilt Shift Fakery

Chances are, its fake.

I’ve noticed the use of tilt shift photography has been kind of trendy for awhile. I can’t tell if the trend is still growing or if it’s on the way out. Either way, I wonder every time I see a tilt shift image. I can’t image that thousands of amateur photographers could really be blowing that much cash on what they seem to perceive as a toy that makes lots of the picture blurry. I assume, then, that many of the images I’m seeing have the effect applied in post production. To test the theory I decided to use Photoshops tilt shift feature and see what kind of results I could get in a couple minutes. After all, if I can do it really fast, some mom on Pinterest can probably do it too.

Image from Bonneville Salt Flats, uses post-production tilt shift effect.

This is one of my photos from the Salt Flats. Could it fool a Pinterest mom? You decide.

2 comments on “Tilt Shift Fakery

  1. brett.belingheri@gmail.com says:

    I’m with you, James. Tilt-shiftiness is definitely trending right now–and those lenses are way too expensive for all these intrgrammers and pinterest moms to be using them. That being said there are some sweet videographers who are using this effect to make cities look tiny.

    The above video sort of started the “tiny city timelapse” fad and used an actually tilt shift lens. So now, of course, there are hundreds more. And what’s more, many of them are shot with regular lenses and edited in post to get that tilt shift look.

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