Clouds and Waves

I was walking home yesterday and saw some gorgeous cumulus clouds. They were the real huge and crisp, yet fluffy kind that you usually only see in cowboy paintings. I am a sucker for good cloud reference so I whipped out my camera and snapped a shot—rewarded only with a blinky message indicating that there was no card in my camera. I had left it in my computer, that was disappointing.

Anyway, the experience got me looking through some of my photos and I found a few I thought might be worth sharing.

The first image is a sky that caught my fancy the night before my sister-in-law’s wedding. The second is from Agate Beach and will serve as a preview of more photos I uncovered and will be posting next time.

Photo of high clouds at sunset, sky is gentle gradient of color

Photo of surf crashing at sunset on Agate beach Oregon

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