Molding Miniature Icebergs

carved foam iceberg, to be used in casting clear resin model

So, I am making those icebergs that I was researching previously. I have experimented a lot with molds and casting recently to make my little man’s head. Many of the methods I tried failed, despite the guarantees on the packaging that they would be fast and easy. None of them seemed like they would work very well for casting an iceberg 50 times the size of the head.  So, I made up my own way… it wasn’t fast or easy either.

I used a “lost styrofoam” method. I carved my iceberg shape from styrofoam and then encased it in a layer of plaster.  I wrapped the plaster in aluminum foil (hoping that would make it easier to break free later) and then poured another layer of plaster on top of that.

To remove the styrofoam, I used a blow torch. Probably not very environmentally friendly, but I won’t be trying it again, because it wasn’t very eye or lung friendly either—despite my use of safety glasses and breathing mask.

Once the foam was gone I coated the inside with a clear poly-acrylic spray and then a casting conditioner.  Then, I poured the clear resin, into which, i had mixed a little blue pigment shaved off of a nupastel.

The images here are from my second berg.  The first is finished, but had a few issues that I hopefully prevented in the second.  I haven’t broken it out of the cast yet. I am doing that later today so come back tomorrow or just follow the blog to find out how they look!

Oh, and yes, I am holding the mold upright with juice cans.  Juice is a great way to drink something sweet without a lot of added sugar, carbonation or caffeine and pears are a natural source of fiber 😉

iceberg mold with a layer of plaster and foil, to be used in casting resin modeliceberg mold with second layer of plaster to be used in casting resin model.iceberg mold with clear resin poured, casting modeliceberg mold with clear resin poured for casting model

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