Miniature Illustration Rush Job

Image of miniature man maquette made from sculpey wire leather and fur. Photographed outdoor in winter.

As I have been saying in some of my recent posts, I am working on building miniature sets and models to create a series of illustrations.  This image isn’t from that series, but it was a sort of test run to see if the concept was a valid way for me to work.  I also wanted to try submitting something in that style to the Society of Illustrators Student Competition.  It just so happened that the day I started working on the image was also the deadline for the competition. that means I had to finish it in a matter of hours and get it photographed before the sun went down.

I ended up cutting a lot of corners on the construction.  I had to give him a bundle of dowels to carry instead of the rifle I had been planning on making. I was also planning on photographing him at a frozen lake. Unfortunately, the road to the lake was closed for construction.  I decided I would try to take some shots next to the railroad tracks where I had stopped. I was soon sent away by a railroad worker who informed me that I was trespassing and might distress the train engineers because, apparently, people who wander near railroad tracks sometimes have tragic intentions.  The light was then failing and I decided my only option was to cross the valley and drive up the mountain to a point where the sun would still reach me.  I did and this is one of the shots I got (magical sparkles added for emphasis).

Anyway, it wasn’t accepted to the Society show, but I had a good time making it, and learned some things that are proving useful in my current endeavors.

2 comments on “Miniature Illustration Rush Job

  1. LM says:

    As always I am very impressed!

  2. That’s so beautiful! a lot of work on it and it definetely shows.

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