Miniature Man

Having completed most of the work on the ship, I turned my attention to creating the main character.  I already had sketches of how I wanted him to look, so, it really came down to figuring out how to realize that in mini, 3d form.

ImageI decided that, to save the trouble of custom building a posable skeleton, I would build my character on an articulated wooden maquette. I removed the head, shaved the hands into little stumps and started sewing mini clothes. His trousers and coat are made from a worn out pair of my old shorts and I made boots and belt out of some leather pants that I couldn’t see myself wearing in public.

I made his hands out of sculpey, molded to fit the wooden stumps—which is really nice, because they fit snugly, but are easily removable for changing clothes etc.

His rifle is an based on an 1860 Allen & Wheelock drop breech. I was a little concerned about how I would make the bamboo barrel and sculpey  receiver look metallic.  Then, I remembered my wife’s “gun metal” nail polish.  It worked perfectly.



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